How to take the Frustration Out of Sales

Time and time again, I encounter sales reps struggling in sales and most have no real clue as to why.

They spend much of their time either blaming other things or simply guessing as to why.

It is in my experience it has all to do with their commitment. Some believe they are putting more than enough time and effort into their profession, when in fact they really are not. They simply fail to truly apply themselves. Many talk a good game, however when it comes down to it, they just fall short. They fail to commit enough time to prospect, propose and ultimately close sales. Instead they spend much of their time, complaining or just doing the bare minimum to get by. Then sit and wonder why they are struggling.

Countless times I have found that when I work with a struggling sales rep I come to find that they are not consistent in their approach. Most start off with the right desire and attitude, however after a series of frustrating events, they change. Initially they do all the right things, they make the correct number of phone and cold calls. They deliver the correct number of proposals and even possibly get the correct number of sales. So what changes?

They stop doing one or more of the activities on a consistent basis. There are a few reasons this occurs. The first most common reason, is as a result of poor or slow response rate. Often this happens from the sales person stopping after a short period of time. They become frustrated from the lack of a positive response. Now I realize that the issue may be about quantity, however it could be about quality. Please allow me to explain.

A salesperson mails out a stack of marketing material (direct mail or emails) to a group of prospects and hopes that the phone will start ringing. In other cases, they make a series of calls to either follow up on the material or calls to a list of new prospects. Then it happens, poor response rate, so the frustration sets in. So almost immediately, they believe that both tasks are a waste of time. However, instead of seeking a solution they just stop doing them all together. Instead, they should have stepped back and looked at the marketing material and or the list of prospects. Quite possibly the issue is actually the quality of the material and or the prospect list they are working on. They may have missed their target before they started, thus having a small chance of receiving a positive response.

Another major issue is in preparation and planning. This is something I find that the majority of sales reps have “no actionable plan to prospect”. They simply prospect when someone or something directs them to do it. For me, I discovered by actually scheduling time just like an appointment, to prospect. I blocked out time in my calendar the same way I block out a client meeting. I have found by doing this, it forced me to either actually do it or if I could not do it I reschedule it to a time that I could, thus making a commitment. The other thing I do, I tracked and set goals for what I was doing to prospect. This is so critically important as it allows me to determine what is working and want needs to be possibly re-worked.

In conclusion, my suggestions are to always commitment to anything you want to achieve. Also insure that you track everything you do. If you are truly serious about your profession, then commit the time and effort to be successful. These are just a few areas that I utilize to prospect, if you want to know more, visit my website and sign up for my Free Newsletter

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