Are you asking this simple, yet Most Powerful Closing Question?

For most sales people they have worked hard to present the features and benefits of their product or service. They enter into the closing phase of their sales process and believe their prospects will move forward. Yet, they have decided to hold off. Most start to attempt to identify their concern. Hopefully, they can determine it and work to overcome it. Logically this all makes sense. Some; are successful and others, attempt to do their best to identify the prospects true concern.

Many sales people I have worked with, when confronted with a “concern” or an objection. They immediately start to attack it. Some do even not take the time to clearly understand the prospects concern, which causes them to attack what they believe the concern is. This is in my opinion, is the number one reason salespeople fail to close.

Inside Secret

For me, the simplest way to clearly identify my prospects concerns was to ask the one question that generally is never asked; in fact it as simple as one word, the question is “why”. This powerful, yet simple question can be the difference between closing a sale or not.

I am often so fascinated, how this question is never asked.

There are numerous benefits by asking this simple question. First, it allows the closing process to continue, second, it helps clearly identify the prospects true concern. Finally it gets the prospects to open up, which in turn, allows the salesperson to specifically address their true concern. This in turn permits the salesperson to overcome it and close the sale.

Closing a sale, can be easy as asking “Why” 

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